Don't tell me you sorry; cause you aren't

When I drove back to my house last night,
*yea, that's me driving*
I almost hit a death-dealing pothole.
My father who was sitting next to me yelled, "well next time you could speed more and hit that hole!"
He was so mad that time and I felt like driving back to IPBA right away..huu~

Benda ni nak dijadikan cerita je sebab aku mmg dah lama tensi; with all the stupid assignments and..and..(uh, I couldn't think of any-- we just know when we're down, rite?)
I just wish if someone were to scold me; his yell is nothing but sweet whisper..(if this happened, we would know who really cares and who doesn't)
Dah la kena marah, lapar pun terus hilang..
I thanked God for His bless of a caring father though~ =__=
I wished my father good night before went to bed and thanked him for..I dunno..but I believe it was for something good..
Just another story to share


This is my first entry bout my cute little baby sister!
Hehehe..she's BIG~ =p
Well, like sister like sister la kann~ (^____________^)
Today I found few things bout her which are surprisingly common with me!

She loves food as much as I do..especially Milo and breads!


The first thing she took out from my purse was ATM card (BSN though) =p
See..she befriends with money!
and..and last but not least~~~


She loves shopping!!! =DD
She'd just points at things she wanted..and shouted 'NAK!'
As simple as that..no? =))

I'm officially in LOVE with you, Nayra gumok!

Maaf, readers..today tajuk entry xd kaitan ngn cerita sbb ni blog aku..=))
Till then gojesess
~X O X O~

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