The Kardashians- the morality taught.

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a reality show on E! (well shoot me, everybody knows it already!). Whatever it is my focus today is what are the moral values behind all the dramas? Is there even any?
  • I must admit that I totally respect the momager, Kris Jenner for her passion in raising 5 drama queens (Kris herself is a drama queen I supposed). Bringing up a baby (tell you what, I babysit my sister for one day and I feel like not coming home for the rest of my life)- okay, exaggerating. Well, bringing up a baby is hard enough, what more a grown up girl. My father used to say raising a daughter is tougher than looking after cattle in a ranch (the heck?). Come to think of it, it's indeed true. Need not to explain here anyway. Whatever it is, let's just compare Kris with those single moms who dump their babies. Now I've change your mind about the Kardashians, don't I?
  • Second is, even they talk back, disrespect and quarrel over little things, eventually they would sit and talk about their feeling, share their emotions and problems. Check this out. Why do our kids and teenagers choose to share problems in online forums? Is that a sign showing Asian parents/ siblings/ relatives have no/ lacking skills in communicating with their kids? In a way, I'd say yup. So this is something that we should ponder upon. I'm not saying that we should entirely follow the Westerns (the Kardashians to be exact), but there are certain good values that we should adapt in our culture.
  • It may not sound as simple as comparing Kris with moms who dump their babies, but then again don't you think it's true? Somehow if you just couldn't accept my points, hey, check out the dancing rabbit at the right corner. Yep, exactly.
Last but not least, it's a great honor to have you reading this. These are just my humble thought, and nothing compared to yours. Thank you for visiting!