Be a BELUT once, IPBArians

Not updating blog is..not cool! I was..no, am busy with ASSignments..='(
Darn! Being a teacher trainee is SO NOT EASY. Especially when you're a belut (semua benda nak kena siapkan dengan PERFECT). I tried to become a belut once (to be exact, last two days); when we were given task on nursery rhymes.

I was asked to find the historical and the features of nursery rhymes (which I did flawlessly). When I was doing the presentation yesterday, the educated lecturer asked me to stop and said 'Never mind, let's just focus on activities that we can do in classroom'. I was..'Oh, alright'..

Isn't the process (of doing the presentation) is as much important as the product (sharpened soft skills)? I mean, come on! You could at least say 'You've done a good work', 'Let's continue with..bla bla bla?'. Less painful, I would say. See, sekarang gua sudah marah! Grr.. Jap, confused.. This isn't M.A.D.N.E.S.S..This is..S.A.D.N.E.S.S
Sedih woo, lecturer tak appeciate our hardwork
  Kalau gua tak buat kerja lu pasni jangan salahkan gua la, ok? Duduk bilik layan dangdut pun sonangg...

 K, bye!