Don't tell me you sorry; cause you aren't

When I drove back to my house last night,
*yea, that's me driving*
I almost hit a death-dealing pothole.
My father who was sitting next to me yelled, "well next time you could speed more and hit that hole!"
He was so mad that time and I felt like driving back to IPBA right away..huu~

Benda ni nak dijadikan cerita je sebab aku mmg dah lama tensi; with all the stupid assignments and..and..(uh, I couldn't think of any-- we just know when we're down, rite?)
I just wish if someone were to scold me; his yell is nothing but sweet whisper..(if this happened, we would know who really cares and who doesn't)
Dah la kena marah, lapar pun terus hilang..
I thanked God for His bless of a caring father though~ =__=
I wished my father good night before went to bed and thanked him for..I dunno..but I believe it was for something good..
Just another story to share


This is my first entry bout my cute little baby sister!
Hehehe..she's BIG~ =p
Well, like sister like sister la kann~ (^____________^)
Today I found few things bout her which are surprisingly common with me!

She loves food as much as I do..especially Milo and breads!


The first thing she took out from my purse was ATM card (BSN though) =p
See..she befriends with money!
and..and last but not least~~~


She loves shopping!!! =DD
She'd just points at things she wanted..and shouted 'NAK!'
As simple as that..no? =))

I'm officially in LOVE with you, Nayra gumok!

Maaf, readers..today tajuk entry xd kaitan ngn cerita sbb ni blog aku..=))
Till then gojesess
~X O X O~


A little of Mr. Sam and other remedies

Currently I have my eyes on SAMsung Wave 533 which I don't know how much it'll cost me!

My Mr.Sam yg HOT ='D

My second beloved hubby, Mr. Google also don't seem to know the price..how disappointing, kan! >.<
Hmm..S.A.M~ sounds sexy eyy? hehehe! =D
Oh abah encem, Nabila nak Mr Sam buley? Kalau x boleh pon NAK JUGAK, NAK, NAK!!!
(hiss..mmg xreti nak bersyukor aku ni kan! Cettt~)
Hoh..hehehe~ I'm not that kinda dotter ye gojesess~ (^_____^)
Susah atau senang, I'll work for things that I want!
Kalau da berusaha but x dapat jugak,
I'll keep on working..and working (cter mcm susah gila je)
But then..kalau xdapat jugak..
Time ni la carik Mr. Hubby! =DD
Apa pun, harap sangat dalam masa 2-3 minggu ni boleh dapat enpon nomeyy tu~
Doakan ye kawan2! (^________^)
Just now I went to Jln Tar together with Yanie Yuzz

Muka ketat aku ngn muka slumber yanie...

Hehe..saje, aku ingat nak ajak makan2 kat Kerinchi je, but then I think tudung pun asek pakai yg sama je kann~ mana buley, org laen santek je, diri ni sememeh!~ cian Mr. Hubby..lari kang, naya je~ (tsedak dia kat dinner tu)
Hoh..so, time ktorang jenjalan pilih tudung and shawl, ada plak gelang santekk nomeyy wane putih..Ingat maw je aku angkat satu, tp bila fikir Mr. Sam...aku pun letak balik~
Hmm..org kata:

nah,aku kasik large sikit bg org nampak..=p

Aku betul2 faham ngn kata2 ni sbb aku bukan org senang..
Kalau nak something, 2-3 kali merenung benda yg nak dibeli tu; whether or not benda tu perlu atau sekadar nafsu aku..
(Mr. Sam aku tu nafsu, TP AKU NAK JUGAK!)
Lain plak la cter bila dah ada elaun and income sendiri..
Dah x perlu harapkan mak bapak nak beli semua barang keperluan..
(Kalau nak belanja tu, trimas je la ye..xkan nak cakap xnak pulak~) =D
. . .
Mama pesan: make sure your selling is more than buying
Indeed, Mama..huhu~
What happen if you spend more than you earn?
Oh.....nak fikir pun aku x lalu~ =)
Till then gojesess...=))

EHHH! >.<
Apa kaitan Air kelapa ngn ubi keledek tuh?
Hoh...haa! Tadi time jenjalan aku lapo + dahaga..
Selamat ada makcik and kakak nomey jual kuih2 n air..mcm taw2 je aku lapo time tu~ (^________^)"
ok, tu je..(mmg blog aku ni dreka khas utk mulut and point aku yg sentiasa berterabur)
trime je le yerp! 



Akademi Tentera Malaysia (ATMA)

When I was in form 3 (or 2; not sure) I was given the opportunity to go camping under badan pengawas..(Mcm Maria Elena gak laa~) ='D
Bila dengar je ATMA, ase mcm cool plak; at the same time takut sbb dengar mcm2 cerita.
Konon kat ctu tempat org kena pancung ngn askar Jepun la..(da malam ni, so aku skip je la cter2 seram neh~)
Walaupun dah lama aku g kem tu, tp ada sesetengah perkara yg masih bermain difikiran..
Ada yg pahit, ada yg manis (yg manis ni confirm2 la abg2 tough kat sana!) Sorry,abee! >.<
Antara aktiviti yg aku n kengkawan kne buat were flying fox and rock climbing..
Tang rock climbing tu, memang haook sikit sbb badan aku yg mok2..abah kata dah ghope anak gajah~
aku oyap, kalau aku anak gajah..abah? =p
Aku x kisah sangat pasal dimalukan sukan rock climbing tu (sbb tpaksa panjat depan abg2 tough!-- muka teran je nak angkat badan!)
sbb bnd yg paling haook was when aku kena rendam dengan kawan aku, Ummi Najlaa dalam parit sbb hilangkan file..
Bukan hilang ponn~ ktorang tinggalkan file tu kat dewan and g tolong cuci pinggan lepas dinner..
Taw2 je file ktorang da dpegang oleh abg2 encem tuh~ *blush*
See, tolong org cuci pinggan pon kene denda! >.<"
Malam tu, lepas habis aktiviti, (I think about 2 in the morning) ktorang kena panggil together with some other kids..
Disuruhnyer ktorang masuk parit..urghhh~ sejuk~ ='(
tah pape la..dah la sejuk, ada plak kakak and abg neh (pakwe makwe kowt??) lepaskan katak betul2 depan mata aku..nak menjerit, t kena marah..so aku diam je la..(mengantuk pun sama)..
Haihh~ bnd yg paling aku benci is LIPAS..x lipas, it's KATAK..x katak, traffic jam..(ttbe)
Lagu yg aku ingat time kat kem tu is NUMA NUMA~
Td time aku menghabiskan quota broadband dengan benda sia2 kat youtube, ttbe aku terjumpa lagu ni..
Well, that's exactly how I could recall the camping story..
This isn't the one yg diorang tunjuk during the camp, but turn out to be the funniest NUMA NUMA video (misheard thingy)..=DD

Topup lemak at Pizza Hut; 7/4/11
Ok2, pasni baru diet!
Till then gojesess! =))
Have a nice day (or..sweet dream?) >.<"


We started CHILLIN' =)

(haah, lemak mmg x banyak punnn~) DANGG!!!

Aku malas nak pening2 kepala buat assignment yg memang SAH xkan siap on time.
And even if I could finish these on time, mmg x berkualiti punya~ +.+
So..nama pun windCHILL kan?
Masa yg x banyak pun aku akan buang jugak!
So don't follow me; I'M BAADD~ Ouuu~ REAAAAL BAD~ >.<"

SHAKE by Jesse McCartney
(ex aku ni~) DANGGG! >.<"
Eh eh eh
Eh eh eh

I met this girl down the block from me
Used to tell myself
She was too hot for me
But then I saw her
At the corner store
So I run on over
Just to grab the door

I got her number
We started chillin'
We started buzzin'
And got addicted
Now I, I'm the one she can't live without
I bet that's her right now

Shorty hitting me up
Says she wanna re-up
Knows I got the best in town
Cuz when she get the shivers
She nows that I delivered
I'm the one who holds her down

She's about to break
Break, break, break, break
And I won't let her wait
Wait, wait, wait, wait

It's gettin' kinda late
Late, late, late, late
And she just want to shake
Shake, shake, shake, shake!

One day she started texting me
Asking if she coulda borrow that recipe
I told her, loving you is my speciality
She said, well, give it up, up, give it up, up

When she's away, it's such a downer
And I, miss her eveytime I'm not around her
Cuz she, she's the one I can't live without
I hope that's her right now

Shorty hitting me up
Says she wanna re-up
Knows I got the best in town
Cuz when she get the shivers
She nows that I delivered
I'm the one who holds her down

She's about to break
Break, break, break, break
And I won't let her wait
Wait, wait, wait, wait

It's gettin' kinda late
Late, late, late, late
And she just want to shake
Shake, shake, shake, shake!

I'm hooked on her
I'd do, I'd do antyhing to get her
She's hooked on me
I'm bad habit
She'd do, She'd do anything to have me
When she calls, I know
Exactly what she wants from me
Everytime I hear my phone ringing
She wants to shake it with me

Shorty hitting me up
Says she wanna re-up
Knows I got the best in town
Cuz when she get the shivers
She nows that I delivered
I'm the one who holds her down

She's about to break
Break, break, break, break
And I won't let her wait
Wait, wait, wait, wait

It's gettin' kinda late
Late, late, late, late
And she just want to shake
Shake, shake, shake, shake!





Ok, I'm suppose to put this in my tumblr but then..naa,blogging's easier

Still struggling with my ASSignments!
Ganbatte, Najad!!! \(^_________^)/



Again, tajuk entry yg panas..+.+

Warghhh..hopefully I can get all my assignments done on time! >.<
Seriously, procrastination is no good..no good at all..

Well, that's me when I'm stress; thinking bout FUTURE..
(as in JUST DESSERT I would get if I submitted late)

Wait, I think that picture is too cute to portray me; don't you think?
Yeaa..wait, searching more stress picca!
(yea, I do have lots of time to find those craps..)

Ok..now that's more like it..Yupp! >.<"

Dsebabkan aku membuang masa menulis benda yg sia-sia ni,
aku pun nak menghabiskan masa korang membaca benda ni jugak! hoho..jahat betul~
Baepp..JOM, sama2 maju sekarang!

`focus in whatever you're doing..
`Set target now! It's never too late..=))
`Be productive and tell yourself that today WILL BE better than yesterday!!!

Ok.....cakap banyak pun x guna sbb yg mengubah pendirian seseorang comes within himself! =) kan3?

Serioulsy, I need all your wishes & prayers..
*pray hard* NOT *hardly pray* yer kengkawan!
Till then..



Semalam aku n Farhana Azmira nomeyy gerak p SEPINTAR..
Serious rindu gila kat sekolah tu..tempat tinggal merangkap sekolah terchenta! >.<
Pertama sekali yg mai menerjah (ayat mmg x boleh blah) kepala aku is my santekk late mommy!
Huih, 5 years aku survived duduk kat ctu dengan arwah ibu before we moved to Subang Impian..
Hehehe..teringat3~ ='D Nabila rindu ibu tangat3! Ingat lagi mcm mana arwah bawak aku g beli benih pokok and bunga nomey kat nursery Sg. Buloh..
Lepas balik beli bunga, dia akan ajak aku teman dia tanam pokok kat ala-ala Secret Garden Sepintar sebelah dewan besar..=]
Arwah akan suruh aku bawak kerusi kecik; senang, x payah nak cangkung2! LOL~
Huu~ yg paling segar dalam ingatan aku, bila dia tanam white and puple orchid..
Lepas dia letak dalam pasu, dia suruh aku panjat kerusi/pasu besar and gantung kat atas para (aku x sure betul ke panggil 'para') hohoho~
Yesterday, aku nampak taman tu..
Huu..x secatik dulu..banyak daun kering~
Lalang bermaharaja lela..
How I wish somebody there was eager enough to take care of that garden..huk3!
Apapun, Al-Fatihah pada arwah ibu yg terchenta~ YOU'RE THE BEST MOM! =')
Ok, bring on the next chapter!
Hee..(penting woo bersikap positip- aku kadang2 je) DANGG!!
Semalam time balik dari Cheras, aku drive balik Subang..
Menggelabah jugak la suruh kawan aku escort masuk highway..
Huk3~ =')
Kena beli Samsung Mobile Navigator ni~ (dan2 sangat aih!)
Hmm..mcm biasa, can't get rid of my camwhoring activity~

mata pelekk! >.<

Xpe2, apa pun, still praying hard for Mama to naik pangkat! >.<"
I can use that kancil in future..
Then definitely be free to travel anywhere I want (well, with navigator for sure)
Till then, gojesess! (^_____^)
p/s: arini blog shimple tangat coz manyak esenmen!
doakan aku boleh siap in time ye! Aminn~ =]]


Model Sehari

Today I went out with my GF (as in GAY FRIEND), Harris..mcm biasa, Midvalley!
Cadang2 nak beli Wild Channel bag utk En. Hubby cause..aku memang banyak duit punnn~ (again, style Johan ttbe)
Act, aku kesian tgk En. Hubby duk guna Polo sling bag yg aku beli as birthday present last month..sangat x sesuai utk g kelas..(mahal pun ye jugak..)=p
Yg membuatkan aku terasa nak beli bag tu sbb aku tgk classmate aku, Syamer (ttbe nama dia ada kat cni plak..sorry Bella!)=p pakai bag Wild Channel..ttbe aku rasa cam smart je..(bukan Syamer, bag dia!! -penegasan ni)=p
So, dengan duit yg nak kata banyak x banyak ni, aku pun melangkah ke 'kedai Acheh' dak2 IPBA tu..
Sampai je kat Mid, aku n Harris starving gila..so then we decided nak makan kat Manhattan Restaurant sbb ada offer..RM6.90+ je..
Tp, sbb ramai sangat yg kempunan fish&chips kat Manhattan, aku give up..
Beratur mcm nak masuk disco kat negeri omputeh tuu..xpernah aku tgk that restaurant penuh! So..aku pun mengeluarkan order (hoh, dasar queen control!) nak makan kat Kenny Rogers (aku malas nak jalan jauh2!)
Lepas makan, aku and Harris jenjalan nak naik Fl. 3, but then kena tahan ngn mak cik consultant Maybelline yg nomeyy tangat2!..
First thing yg aku perasan is her eyes..BEST!aku da lama nak renew eyeliner and mascara..Hypercurl Maybelline aku guna dekat 6 bulan, berus pun da jadi mcm berus jamban dah..>.<" (chill2, hyperbole je ni)
So, aku pun dengar la celoteh dia pasal Mascara limited edition (sangat la kann..)
Maybelline Pulse Perfection

Okeyh..aku banyak sgt tanya sampai mak cik Maybelline tu suruh aku cuba sendiri..
Dia pakaikan kat sebelah mata, then the other one dia tinggalkan cenggitu je..
Dia kata kalau nak dua2 kena beli..haokk punya mak cik!
Aku cam gelabah jugak la time tu..duit nak beli bag, mascara would cost me RM59.90!
Oh..mmg sesuai sangat la belajar Moral Dilemma..=')
Dengan mata sebelah santekk sebelah burok, aku pon beli la mascara tuh *heheh! =p
Dapat free Maybelline make up remover+one session photoshoot..
Hehe..time tgk org lain berposing2, aku mula la duk mengajar..suruh org buat buat
-gaya cakar2 manja (aww~),
-mulut muncung2 sikit
-buat mata kecik (konon2 sexy la tuuu~)
Org pun ikut je la apa yg aku suruh..mmg bagus dengar cakap~ hasilnya, gambar dorg santekk sangat2..='D
But then..
bila tiba turn aku..
cakar aku macam..hmm..mcm apa ntah..
Mata aku jd mcm org ttbe nak cirit..bulat sebelah! (0.o)" <--- lebih kurang cenggini jugak la.
Worst part bila aku ttbe lupa cene nak senyum!haih..mmg haoukk!
Hasilnya..hmm..xpayah la aku letak gambar..cukup dgn komen IKHLAS GILA tajaan kengkawan yg SUPPORTIVE! (ttbe emo!~ dangg!)
Cukup la dengar komen poker agung FB aku..
1) Mulut aku senget la!
2) Nampak mcm potret org Cina lama2 la!
3) Aku nampak mcm Kim Kardashian la!..(eh, ni komen aku sendiri~)
Ngee! dah2 la cerita pasal camwhoring aku tu..
BAG (huih, dari td cter bag x abes2!) >.<
Haa..sebab aku pinjam membership card Tropicana Life from my classmate, aku x jadi p Wild Chanel..
Dapat diskaun 25% tuu~ sorry la Izzah! (ttbe~)
Gara2 diskaun yg menjadi kan beg agak murah tu LEBIH murah, aku pun beli 2 beg yg sama design but different colours..

Ngee..aku ja excited lebih nak pakai beg pink striking nak mampus tu..
Huu..dalam kedai nampak santekk..santekk tangat!
Tp..bila pakai mcm buruk la plak! >.< grr..slalu ceni! Halal la (berfikiran positip!); yg penting ada beg baru.. Beg Polo yg abah hadiahkan time foundation tu dah koyak! T nak hantar p repair..sentimental value tuuu~ =)) x sabar nak pakai balik!!!
HOH...JAP3! >.<
Kalau teman cter bab g shopping ni, mustahil la nak stop cenggitu je..
Lepas beli beg, aku rush g Harajuku section nak melabur duit lagi..(kaya sangat, kannn~ grr!)
Bought one knit top which cost me RM53 and Scarlett dress ala2 baju klawor, RM39
Hee..murah+mahal=lagi mahal! $.$
Apapun, i love my knit top..ada accessories bulu ayam!hehehe~ pelik2!~
Pasni kalau ada nampak pompuan gemok jenjalan kat Mid with bulu ayam, tegur2 la ok..=))
Then Harris ajak g jalan2 lagi (aku xtaw sapa pompuan sapa laki skg ni)
Aku masuk Roxy and saw this big-gorgeous-irresistable-damn expensive-handbag..
Hoh..basically, tu la hari Jumaat yg aku spend..
Kalau la kaya mcm Dr. Raja Mazuin..(apsal la ttbe je ni!!!)

Dah, merepek sangat dah entry aku ni..
Till then musyoksss!!!