The Kardashians- the morality taught.

Hey guys, Im back! (^___^)

Wait! Before you guys read further, here,
 a kissy kiss for my beloved readers! (ah, is there even any?)
Sorry for I haven't been updating my blog these past few days months years! Was really busy with..not paying the broadband? :p
Oh well, I should start writing don't I?

Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a reality show on E! (well shoot me, everybody knows it already!). Whatever it is my focus today is what are the moral values behind all the dramas? Is there even any?
  • I must admit that I totally respect the momager, Kris Jenner for her passion in raising 5 drama queens (Kris herself is a drama queen I supposed). Bringing up a baby (tell you what, I babysit my sister for one day and I feel like not coming home for the rest of my life)- okay, exaggerating. Well, bringing up a baby is hard enough, what more a grown up girl. My father used to say raising a daughter is tougher than looking after cattle in a ranch (the heck?). Come to think of it, it's indeed true. Need not to explain here anyway. Whatever it is, let's just compare Kris with those single moms who dump their babies. Now I've change your mind about the Kardashians, don't I?
  • Second is, even they talk back, disrespect and quarrel over little things, eventually they would sit and talk about their feeling, share their emotions and problems. Check this out. Why do our kids and teenagers choose to share problems in online forums? Is that a sign showing Asian parents/ siblings/ relatives have no/ lacking skills in communicating with their kids? In a way, I'd say yup. So this is something that we should ponder upon. I'm not saying that we should entirely follow the Westerns (the Kardashians to be exact), but there are certain good values that we should adapt in our culture.
  • It may not sound as simple as comparing Kris with moms who dump their babies, but then again don't you think it's true? Somehow if you just couldn't accept my points, hey, check out the dancing rabbit at the right corner. Yep, exactly.
Last but not least, it's a great honor to have you reading this. These are just my humble thought, and nothing compared to yours. Thank you for visiting!


Life is no fun

LIFE IS NO FUN WITH YOU fooling me around.


Be a BELUT once, IPBArians

Not updating blog is..not cool! I was..no, am busy with ASSignments..='(
Darn! Being a teacher trainee is SO NOT EASY. Especially when you're a belut (semua benda nak kena siapkan dengan PERFECT). I tried to become a belut once (to be exact, last two days); when we were given task on nursery rhymes.

I was asked to find the historical and the features of nursery rhymes (which I did flawlessly). When I was doing the presentation yesterday, the educated lecturer asked me to stop and said 'Never mind, let's just focus on activities that we can do in classroom'. I was..'Oh, alright'..

Isn't the process (of doing the presentation) is as much important as the product (sharpened soft skills)? I mean, come on! You could at least say 'You've done a good work', 'Let's continue with..bla bla bla?'. Less painful, I would say. See, sekarang gua sudah marah! Grr.. Jap, confused.. This isn't M.A.D.N.E.S.S..This is..S.A.D.N.E.S.S
Sedih woo, lecturer tak appeciate our hardwork
  Kalau gua tak buat kerja lu pasni jangan salahkan gua la, ok? Duduk bilik layan dangdut pun sonangg...

 K, bye!


You know Im no good

Wahh..lama x update blog rasanya! =')
Sorry for I have no interest in social networking stuff..Salahkan all the work loads from lecturer..Kikiki~
Mr. Hubby pesan, not to play around this semester. I almost fail my Philosophy paper (I got 'C'- which stands for 'Cemerlang...pala otak hang'!!').
Alhamdulillah, things go so well this semester, accept that I need to find a part-time job (nak kawen la katakan~ heheh!~)
I found one vacancy at Secret Recipe, Amcorp Mall. If I received THE CALL, means I need to bahagi masa dengan sebijak-bijaknya! InsyaAllah..
Hah, apa plak motip entry You Know Im No Good ni?
Currently Im stuck with Amy Winehouse, this is one of her best songs..=) 
Kalau ada masa, moh le dengar kat Youtube. Tp xmo naughty2 with the vid clip ok!!!
Actually aku tengah tunggu Abah amek from hostel, tapi jalan jem gara2 BERSIH. Hoh.. Malas nak ulas banyak2 pasal bersih ni. Yang aku tau helikopter berlambak2 kat atas nun, takut jatuh bom je kat Blok 8 ni ha. Xpasal tengah layan benda lagha (Amy Winehouse) mati kena bom. Jenuh nak menjawab depan Tuhan. Ish3~ Ok, makin takut plak. Tukar citer jom!
Hmm.. Ok, xtau nak citer apa.. Apa pun, doakan yang terbaik untuk bumi Malaysia (ttbe) and semoga aku dapat jadi pelajar cemerlang (akhlak, akademik) this semester.. Mana la tau, ttbe dapat 4 flat sem ni Abah hadiahkan aku keta kancil lama sbijik, boleh bawak korang jenjalan kan? =) Ok, tu je.. Bubye lalings!


Are we in heaven?

Uhuk3~ *sambil buang sawang*
Sorry, lama rasanya x update blog ni sbb xde interesting experience that can be shared. But, Alhamdulillah, hari ni ttbe mai mood nak update! Here it goes, peeps! =)
.  .  .
Well, instead of bercerita tentang macarone yg colourful and cuppies yang menjadi bualan ramai, aku nak share sesuatu yg sangat syiokk! Presenting...jeng3!~

The very-delicious-durian-pancake!
(it's the yellow one- just in case)

Couple days ago I asked Anis Farhanah to accompany me to buy shoes at Midvalley (again, same place!). I've lost my shoes and an external hard-disk on my first day at IPBA (fine, my bad for not taking care of my own stuffs). But hey, who cares? Patah tumbuh hilang berganti, kan? Kasut je la.. External hard disk tu tunggu elaun la kowt? :p

Ok, back to Anis Farhanah; aku kesian nak ajak dia keluar sbb puasa, tp dia kata dia pun nak beli barang, so then we went~ Syiokk dapat 2 pairs of new shoes. Satu murah and satu lagi agak mahal from Vincci. Yang murah pakai p kelas, sbb sangat comfy utk berjalan dengan kadar segera..hehe! Antara food stocks yang aku topup were instant Campbell soup, green apples (as in the picture) and also tomato cherry.

After we've bought almost everything in Midvalley, Anis Farhanah said she wants to buy durian pancakes- (ok, I was like.."come again?"). She mentioned something about facebook which then has made me unsure about two things; it was either she was too hungry because she was fasting or there was some missing chunks between "durian pancake"...bla bla bla.."facebook"?

She bought one package of durian pancake for RM10 and right before we leaved, I decided to give it a try too. So, secara x langsung, peniaga tu dah untung RM20. Tima kasih kat Anis cepat! :p

Sampai je kat bilik aku, Yaya (my rumet) tengah sembang2 dengan Adah (my housemate)-- gila, habis semua aku nak introduce ni? So aku pun bukak la durian pancake tu, (sedap la kowt menguyah sambil gosip, kan?). Mula2 aku makan durian tu, dengan mind set yang "eleh, durian biasa la kowt". At the same time, Yaya was about to take the very first bite. Bila dah masuk mulut, Yaya pandang aku, aku pandang Yaya. Awkward moment bila aku tanya Yaya, "Kita kat syurga ke?"

Frankly speaking, that was..no, IS the best food I've ever tasted. Aku balik dari Midvalley tadi pun, beli lagi one package. X boleh dah rasanya p Midvalley without thinking about DURIAN PANCAKE! =)

Kepada peminat durian, boleh la cuba rasa nanti ok? Till then, friends. Enjoy your weekends! =)
Jangan tension2, and selalu ingat, Allah sentiasa ada untuk hambaNya yang minta pertolongan. But hey, what do I know? All the best ya? (^______^)


Bead bullets for toy- All are ours'

Couple days ago I went to Sungai Buloh, (my old house before I moved to Subang Impian). Abah asked me to sort things out (macam periuk, pinggan mangkuk, kain baju and buku-buku)- well, basically everything in that house! Few memories of childhood stroke my mind that morning. I saw some of my late mother's masterpiece; buku-buku rujukan that she wrote with her heart. There were few books yang arwah tulis dan letakkan nama aku sebagai penulis.

I remember she sat in front of her computer and typed enthusiastically during Ramadhan back then. There was one night when my brother and I came back from tarawih with Abah, she hugged us and all of a sudden she said, "I'm really proud of my daughter and son". We were like "Errr~" [Out of the blue?].. Oh, how I miss the warmth and affection from you, Ibu! If only you were still here, I would definitely won't let you go this time. Tapi, apa yang mampu Nabila buat? Allah lebih sayangkan Ibu. Al-Fatihah~ Semoga Ibu di sana baik-baik.

InsyaAllah, one day I want to be an author just like her (macam cita2 bbudak je?). Kawan2 tolong doakan kejayaan saya. Naik Sem 2 for Degree in IPBA on 18th, dah xmo malas2. Doakan saya especially for my Philosophy paper. Hopefully I can start fresh, without any dramas like last semester! Darn it!- (ttbe emo sbb memang betul geram!). Teringat balik mcm mana perasaan nak amek result SPM. Nok mapuh doh raso lo ni... Kalu fail jugok, meme drop TESL nikoh jah!(hoh, kecek supo ore klate dop?) (^___^)v

Bawah ni are some memorable pictures that I've captured for tatapan readers. Walaupun x se-interesting gambar adik-beradik Marcellos, tapi cukup bermakna buat my family and I- (rojak sungguh bahasa kat sini). Next time I'll use full English, sekarang ilmu x cukup mantop lagi. Kang tersalah tulis, ada pulak group kat FB tu nak pangkah teman. Choii~ Oh, the pictures! Ok, here they are:
Fav toy gun- uses painful beads as bullets
My brother's primary school writing "Ibu Saya"
My late mother's masterpiece
My name as the author
Some of the wish cards Ibu had received

I wrote this when I have a little trouble with sleeping..After finished uploading all the pictures, there, the drowsiness! Well, I shall return to my bed now! HEY YOU! Do have a nice day ya! :p

p/s: Thanks a bunch for reading!


Tatak Day Care

Today was tiring! Abah woke me up at 8.30am and asked me whether I could babysit Nayra gumok for a day. I was like, "Ya, of course!'; 
*Actually I was like ---->>>

Oh my! I was planning to make kek batik and something for lunch, but thinking about babysit her at the same time, probably I have to forget cooking! But then lately, tangan ni gatal je nak make dessert.  Nak2 bila kena puji Nanaimo Bars aku sedap..hehehe~ (^____^)v So, aku mintak tolong adik lelaki aku jagakan Nayra jap while I cook. Penat cause I need to make sure adik lelaki aku tu tak lesap naik bilik dia and leave Nayra alone. Jenuh2~
When I was making kek batik, teringat pulak time awal2 aku buat dulu. Kawan aku kat Sepintar, Nuny yang introduce kan aku dekat kek ni (haah, aku mmg lame pun dulu~). Time tu ktorang buat jualan sempena hari apa ntah (dah x ingat). Banyak lagi memori aku pasal kek batik ni. Aku pernah nak buat untuk Mama and Abah for their after honeymoon punya present (Im not sure). But then it turned out to be keras. (Today, I've figured out why it became keras). Aku x masukkan cukup air and susu cair and biarkan Milo bergumpal. Kesian jugakla aku tengok Mama nak gigit kek batik aku dulu (ok, nama pun first trial kan!). Wahetever it is! Today, kek batik aku is superb!!! =)))
Xdak sapa puji aku, puji diri sendiri je la~

Well, about Nayra; the spoiled brat! (^____^)v Time lunch (kobis masak kicap and telur dadar) aku pasangkan laptop kat meja makan. Bagi dia dengar 'Burung Kakak Tua', 'Five Little Ducks' and 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' on youtube. Spoiled brat! (I dunno, I love these words) (^_____^)v. Spoiled brat!!! Ok, enough~ So, this picture is to prove how serious is the spoiling of the brat! (is there any such words?- lantak la labuu~) :p...

Her body kena sapu dengan calamine lotion sebab gatal hama. Alhamdulillah, she has appetite to eat still.

Nayra was taking her bubble bath with her rubber ducks. Enjoy, eyy?

Well, I just want her to know that she's the best baby girl (just till I have my own kids) in this whole wide world!!! (Ok, rasa macam dah exaggerate je?) Apapun, tatak loves you so muchy much, Nayra Qalesya!!! (^_______^)v Ok, this is the last picture for today, peeps;

P/S: Sorry for the rupa of this cake. I'll try to improve it.

Ok..I think it's time for me to... Penat molep doh ni~~~ Assalamualaikum and good night, peeps!!! (^________^)v