Bead bullets for toy- All are ours'

Couple days ago I went to Sungai Buloh, (my old house before I moved to Subang Impian). Abah asked me to sort things out (macam periuk, pinggan mangkuk, kain baju and buku-buku)- well, basically everything in that house! Few memories of childhood stroke my mind that morning. I saw some of my late mother's masterpiece; buku-buku rujukan that she wrote with her heart. There were few books yang arwah tulis dan letakkan nama aku sebagai penulis.

I remember she sat in front of her computer and typed enthusiastically during Ramadhan back then. There was one night when my brother and I came back from tarawih with Abah, she hugged us and all of a sudden she said, "I'm really proud of my daughter and son". We were like "Errr~" [Out of the blue?].. Oh, how I miss the warmth and affection from you, Ibu! If only you were still here, I would definitely won't let you go this time. Tapi, apa yang mampu Nabila buat? Allah lebih sayangkan Ibu. Al-Fatihah~ Semoga Ibu di sana baik-baik.

InsyaAllah, one day I want to be an author just like her (macam cita2 bbudak je?). Kawan2 tolong doakan kejayaan saya. Naik Sem 2 for Degree in IPBA on 18th, dah xmo malas2. Doakan saya especially for my Philosophy paper. Hopefully I can start fresh, without any dramas like last semester! Darn it!- (ttbe emo sbb memang betul geram!). Teringat balik mcm mana perasaan nak amek result SPM. Nok mapuh doh raso lo ni... Kalu fail jugok, meme drop TESL nikoh jah!(hoh, kecek supo ore klate dop?) (^___^)v

Bawah ni are some memorable pictures that I've captured for tatapan readers. Walaupun x se-interesting gambar adik-beradik Marcellos, tapi cukup bermakna buat my family and I- (rojak sungguh bahasa kat sini). Next time I'll use full English, sekarang ilmu x cukup mantop lagi. Kang tersalah tulis, ada pulak group kat FB tu nak pangkah teman. Choii~ Oh, the pictures! Ok, here they are:
Fav toy gun- uses painful beads as bullets
My brother's primary school writing "Ibu Saya"
My late mother's masterpiece
My name as the author
Some of the wish cards Ibu had received

I wrote this when I have a little trouble with sleeping..After finished uploading all the pictures, there, the drowsiness! Well, I shall return to my bed now! HEY YOU! Do have a nice day ya! :p

p/s: Thanks a bunch for reading!

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