Again, tajuk entry yg panas..+.+

Warghhh..hopefully I can get all my assignments done on time! >.<
Seriously, procrastination is no good..no good at all..

Well, that's me when I'm stress; thinking bout FUTURE..
(as in JUST DESSERT I would get if I submitted late)

Wait, I think that picture is too cute to portray me; don't you think?
Yeaa..wait, searching more stress picca!
(yea, I do have lots of time to find those craps..)

Ok..now that's more like it..Yupp! >.<"

Dsebabkan aku membuang masa menulis benda yg sia-sia ni,
aku pun nak menghabiskan masa korang membaca benda ni jugak! hoho..jahat betul~
Baepp..JOM, sama2 maju sekarang!

`focus in whatever you're doing..
`Set target now! It's never too late..=))
`Be productive and tell yourself that today WILL BE better than yesterday!!!

Ok.....cakap banyak pun x guna sbb yg mengubah pendirian seseorang comes within himself! =) kan3?

Serioulsy, I need all your wishes & prayers..
*pray hard* NOT *hardly pray* yer kengkawan!
Till then..

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