Featuring Nayra Qalesya

Good evening, peeps! =)
Woaa, I didn't know when things changed in a day, it could be THIS tiring!
Well, let me keep it to myself, shall I? (^__^)

Great things are meant to be shared..
Today I went to Damansara to shop with my family..
(Well, need not to list the groceries we bought, I think?) +.+'
I thought of teaching Nayra how to shop dresses at baby department..and I found that

1) She knows how to choose best dress already! [???]

2) She shops "LINGERIES"~~

3) She knows how to have fun afterwards


Ohh..ini tamparan hebat! Took me 17 years to learn all these!!
Kids nowadays~

1) I'm recovering from fever, Alhamdulillah...Thank you, abah and en.hubby yg menjaga sy..my guardian angels~
2) Just a short entry due to exam stress..=) Till then, pretties...Have a good night sleep! =)

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